Specializing in transmission and auto repair services, Kar’s Service Center LLC is a trusted name in the automotive community. From transmission repair to car inspections, we can handle nearly any automotive maintenance or repair project.

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People Say



“Thank you so much for taking of me and getting my car driveable again. I so appreciate it!”

- Judi H.


“We really want to thank you for your good service! Both of the trucks are working great; will call you if we ever have any more problems! Thanks again!”

- Covington Twp.


“We brought a Dodge Dakota to you…Thankfully, you pointed out it should never have been bought. Thank you for educating us young and clueless folk.”

- McBorald

“A job well done!!! I contacted Kar’s Service Station after finding their telephone number online and explained to them that my son’s car was past inspection and without hesitation they got me in the next day…As promised, the technician called me after inspecting the car and told me what was wrong with it, how much it would approximately cost, and to get approval from me to continue with the repairs. The technician not only found the AC problem but didn’t charge me for the service he performed prior to finding the electrical malfunction…After picking up my son’s car, we turned around and immediately dropped my car off for inspection…This place will definitely be my go-to for car inspections and minor repairs.”

- Joi H.

“Excellent service. A family shop that makes an extra effort to assist stranded travelers and does not gouge them, even when they are clearly beholden. Dave is very nice, a smart, organized businessman and an outstanding technician when it comes to the underside of a vehicle. If you’re in the center of PA and have discretion as to where you break down you should aim for his shop. In my case two major transmission components (used) were promptly located and installed, and my vehicle is somewhat rare which makes that sourcing acumen even more impressive. Both components were reasonably priced as was labor. I hope that most of my car troubles are behind me but if I were traveling thru PA again I would certainly stop there for service again.”

- Roland B.

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